Today is our second and last day of full rehearsal. Yesterday we were able to stay on schedule and got through 5 of the tunes. This morning after a time of sharing and prayer, we started tackling the other 5.

As we go along, we are finding unique difficulties in the tunes. Balance is always an issue, making sure everything can be heard without dominating the texture. Then there is ensemble precision, every sound that all five of us make must happen at precisely the same moment in time. For some of the pieces we decide we will be wearing headphones with a "click track" (a metronome beat) going throughout. We still have to listen to each other and there is room for the time to breathe a little, but overall we have to adhere to the dictatorship of the click.

We are starting to feel the pressure a little. With only two days rehearsal for 10 songs, with a group that just met the day before, time is our enemy. Any little thing that slows us down becomes an obstacle, but we are already starting to feel like a band of brothers. I am epecially grateful for the musical and recording expertise these guys have that they are able to guide our process in wisdom. After another very long day, we're ready to put something down for posterity.