Today is the day to get oriented to the city, make sure all the preparations are made, and gather the members together. I had breakfast at the Golden Buff Lodge where David, Bart, Rich, and Dan will be staying, then explored the Music building at the University. We will be rehearsing and recording in the Grusin Recital Hall, which has a fairly low ceiling, some concerns about how the acoustics will work out, but we have some ideas on how to deal with it.

That afternoon, I drove to Denver International Airport to pick up David and Bart (Rich is driving down from Minnesota). I had never met David before, only conversed on the phone and in emails, so there was an awkward moment when we wre looking at each other in baggage claim thinking "is that him?" After some introductions and a good time sharing stories, Bart's flight came in and we collected luggage and 2 crates of Bart's "toys" for the session. A frantic drive back to Boulder, dropped stuff off at the hotel, then on to Chautauqua Auditorium for the CMF Orchestra performance to watch Doug and Dan in their alter egos of Symphony musicians. It wasn't until intermission that we found Rich, so we're finally all in the same state, city, and building together. After the concert, we did a late night doing what percussionists do most of the time .... move equipment.