Today, Kevin and I agree to take the day off, so no mixing work today. Doug calls up and invites me to church, so I meet the Walter family at First Presbyterian Boulder at 9:30. After the service, there is a Sunday School class going through the history of Philosophy and relating to religion.

In the afternoon we go to Chautauqua Park for a belated celebration of Doug's wife Barbara's birthday. Delightful place, at the base of the Flatirons, we enjoy a picnic and conversation with some other friends from church until a thunderstorm moving in over the mountains chases us away.

When I get back to my hotel, I have a message from DrummerCafe member Robyn, who lives nearby, inviting me over for dinner. How can I pass up a home-cooked meal after 2 weeks of restaurant food? I get to meet her husband Martin and 10 year old son Eric, over hamburgers, fresh picked green beans and corn on the cob. Later, the educator in me comes out, as I can't stop myself from giving her a mini-lesson on drums. 

Back at the hotel, a few more hours of listening to raw tracks, taking editing notes for tomorrow's day-long session Kevin and I have planned.