After being cooped up in Grusin Music Hall all week, I have to get outside today. Kevin has work all day with performances at the college, so we won't meet until 7:00pm. I put my laptop, raw take CDs, reference scores, Dan's notes, some water and trail mix into my van and head up Canyon Road into the mountains. If any of you are familiar with the old Mork and Mindy TV show (where Robin Williams got his start), this is the road featured in the opening scenes. It is an extremely striking drive, winding up through the mountains, with Boulder Creek splashing alongside. As usual, I stop for lots of pictures, but eventually make it to Nederland, at 8,993 ft. ImageContinuing on up the highway, it eventually turns into a dirt road at Eldora, which is a log cabin village almost on top of the mountain. After a few miles of this, I decide my minivan isn't up to the challenge, and turn around. A few miles back, there's a turn-off leading to the Eldora Mountain Resort, so I travel up that way for a bit until I find a scenic overlook to park the van.

OK, this is the life, sitting in my van at about 10,000 ft. listening to tracks of our recording session, checking parts against the score, making editing notes. When my ears get fatigued, I just shut everything down for a while, walk around on the mountain taking pictures before getting back to work. I'm able to accomplish quite a bit, besides resting my eyes on the incredible scenery. About 4:00, I put it all away and head back to Nederland for some food. On the way down I pick up a couple who's rental car had broken down. They're doing the long distance romance thing that my wife and I did when she was in Texas and I was in Nebraska, except this couple is the entire continent apart, San Francisco to Boston!! I take them to the Mexican Grill in Nederland, where they use the phone to get help, and I have a heaping helping of barbacoa, with Tres Leches cake for dessert.

That evening, Kevin and I work another 3 hours and get 2 more tunes done. The process is going very well, and at this rate, we might get the editing done before I have to leave Tuesday. If not, we do it by email and correspondence course.