Time for the group to part. Most of the group is flying back today. I start the morning packing up my stuff to move out of Doug's house and give his son Gabe his room back. I'll be moving into Dan's room at the Golden Buff Lodge for 4 more days to work with recording engineer Kevin Harbison on the editing.  Dan, David and I have a last breakfast together at the hotel, to discuss the upcoming post production process. I'm taking these two to the airport this morning. Rich is going a little later and will take Bart, since he has a later flight. It's been a very tough week with some very tired percussionists, but we've accomplished what we set out to do, and it looks like it's going to be a very fine product. Hugs and handshakes and goodbyes at the airport, then I'm driving back to Boulder, already listening to the raw takes on my van CD player.

Kevin and I work for 3 hours Friday afternoon, and manage to get the editing and mixing done on Tortoise/Hare and Doctor/Deacon. We feel like that's a pretty good start. Tomorrow Kevin is busy all day, so we won't get together again until 7:00pm and go until our ears are too tired to hear clearly. Back in my hotel room, I'm listening to more tracks, making decisions about cuts and editing for tomorrow.