As the time for our recording session grows near, final preparations are being handled. Airplane flights booked, hotel rooms reserved, rehearsal and recording schedules, phone conferences with the members of this far-flung group, the recording engineer and the producer. This is quite an undertaking to put together a project where the members are spread across the United States – Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. We won’t really know what we’ve got until we meet in 10 days in Boulder, Colorado for our first rehearsal. The music has been ready for months. Now is the discipline of individual practice, last minute revisions, lots of time spent "behind bars" – marimba and vibraphone bars, that is, woodshedding our parts.

I leave for Colorado in one week, the advance scout to blaze the trail. As I head out, I’ll describe the journey, both the physical drive to Boulder, and the musical journey to the recording. As in any new venture, there is anticipation, nervousness, eagerness, fear of the unknown, and mostly the voices in my head asking, "are we there yet?".