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Slitting cutter series

Published: 2020-06-18 10:13:58 Browse: 79 times

Slitting blade

With the rapid development of iron and steel industry, the precision of metal plate cutting is required more and more, as a sheet metal processing enterprise. If we can provide customers with metal coil, we can not only meet the requirements of customers for product quality, but also bring considerable profits to the enterprise itself. Huaxu blade will use its rich experience and advanced processing equipment to provide you with cutting, cutting and accessories.

Slitting knife is mainly used in metal slitting production line. The raw material of blade is high-speed cutting tool steel SKD, SLD, SKH, etc

It is processed and manufactured. It is especially suitable for all kinds of cold and hot rolling. Wash plate, silicon steel plate. stainless steel. High speed cutting and slitting production of silicon steel sheet and steel strip. Slitting blade is an important part of the production process, which has high requirements for slitting blade. For the blade plane, we use grinder, which is forged, machined, heat treated, and then made by special grinding, and through strict quality management to ensure that the parallelism of all finished products is within 0.003mm.

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