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Machining requires high cutting tools and reduces pollution

Published: 2020-06-09 15:53:27 Browse: 83 times

Machining has high requirements for cutting tools, and pollution should be reduced at the same time.

About 70% of the premature failure of various mechanical and electrical products is caused by wear and corrosion, and these two failure modes are closely related to the surface state of materials (physical, chemical and stress state, etc.). Therefore, the key to improve the performance of these materials is to improve their surface properties.

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for the surface properties of materials are higher and higher. In recent decades, with the rise of various kinds of vapor deposition technology, the research and application of surface engineering technology have made rapid progress. These technologies not only meet the requirements of mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, friction reduction and corrosion resistance, but also play an important role in the fields of electromagnetic, optical, optoelectronic, thermal, superconducting and biological functional materials related to the surface layer. Surface engineering not only makes low-cost metal materials play a greater advantage in performance and efficiency, but also has become an important means to develop various new coating and film materials, with great application potential.

With the improvement of the level of machining industry, new requirements are put forward. In addition to improving the service life, it is also required to reduce the pollution during cutting and use dry cutting as much as possible. When cutting fluid can not be completely eliminated, the cost of recycling can be greatly reduced.

The variety of cutting tools and the characteristics of their working conditions determine the difference of coating selection. Different from drilling, milling cutter should consider the characteristics of intermittent impact. In the early development of coatings, wear resistance is the main focus and hardness is the main index. This kind of coating, represented by titanium nitride, has a high friction coefficient (0.4-0.6), and a lot of heat will be produced by continuous friction between the coating and the workpiece. In order to avoid the deformation of the tool caused by overheating and affect the machining accuracy and prolong its service life, cutting fluid is usually used.

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