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Low price cutter sellers cut their own way

Published: 2020-06-09 15:48:54 Browse: 81 times

Low price competition has become a vicious circle in the machinery industry. In a sound of shouting, it still becomes a stumbling block for the industry sales. The author of this article has put forward his own views on this and told the puzzle of low price sales in the knife industry. For a long time, this kind of phenomenon has been common. In many cases, it can really be understood. But in some cases, it's too bad to be reasonable. To some extent, it can be said that the different routes taken by different companies are a kind of commercial means. However, I always feel that the quality of knives will inevitably decline. Not conducive to the development of the whole industry.

This incident involves too many reasons: the internal causes of the brand, the management work, and the phenomenon of making the brand knife and then affixing the brand name to make it inferior. Depressed, Chinese people just like to do such things. First of all, let me not talk about whether to oppose this kind of practice, but also talk about your future. Today, you have produced these substandard goods and gained the so-called huge profits. How much money can you make? Will this business last? What's more, the market has reached this point. Can you forget to make the market in the future? I don't know where the starting point of these people is? The market is in a mess, everyone has no need to do it, not to say, the brand has also been smashed.

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