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How to maintain the blade of Slitter

Published: 2020-05-31 14:53:18 Browse: 81 times

Whether you are using imported or domestic Slitter blades, if you don't pay attention to the correct application method and maintenance of blades in use, the service life of blades will be reduced and the cost of commodities will be increased for you. Today we are going to teach us how to use the blades of the slitter:

1、 Before startup

First, check whether the operation keys are flexible before starting the machine, add smooth oil to the smooth part, apply a small amount of high temperature resistant calcium grease to the thin cutter transmission gear, and then adjust the cutter line according to the production requirements. Pay attention to the distance between knives. The slitting blade can only be moved when it is raised out of the groove. Do not linkage with the groove. Otherwise, the blade may be deformed or damaged.

2、 Blade position adjustment of Slitter

After the blade position of slitter is adjusted, the blade of slitter shall be slowly put into the groove, 3-5mm is appropriate. The slitter blade must be located in the groove base, not against, and neither of them can be touched. Otherwise, the blade and groove will burn out if they collide with each other after startup.

3、 In production

The blade of slitter shall be grinded every 200-50mm according to the quality standard. It is better to cut off the paper in a bright and beautiful way. Pay attention to the paper edge and other foreign matters together. Do not roll into the blade drive gear to avoid damage to the machine. Remove the paper scraps and oil stains on the equipment in time after production

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