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Points for attention of cutting round blade for prolonging its service life

Published: 2020-05-31 14:31:13 Browse: 85 times

For many people, when it comes to the round blade of the slitter, they can basically grasp some specific operations of its use quickly, but how to protect the machine itself as much as possible in use and extend the service life of the machine as much as possible. This can be regarded as a good way, a person who knows how to use the slitter. So how to use it to make the blade of the scoring cutter longer? Let's discuss such a problem as the circular cutting blade.

In fact, for Slitter blades, the product quality or technical standards on the market are generally similar. But the difference is still in the use of the whole round blade. Such differences mainly include, on the one hand, to know how to maintain, on the other hand, to minimize the adverse impact on the blade itself in the whole process of use. For example, reduce the friction area between the blade and the object to be cut, and then reduce the wear degree during the use of the worn blade. In this way, the service life of the cutter blade can be extended properly. In addition, in order to reduce the possibility of the whole blade becoming soft due to the high temperature caused by the heating during the use of the cut object and blade. So, in order to avoid such an impact. Or in the use process, cutting for a period of time will be interval re cutting.

Generally speaking, for the use of cutter blades, we should pay attention to some use methods. Because only in this way, can the improper use cause adverse effects on the machine itself and the round blade, which is worth thinking.

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