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  1. The reason of high speed steel round blade breaking


    The reason why the cutting edge of high-speed steel round blade breaks is due to the quality of the material of the workpiece and the lack of corresponding analysis in the manufactur...

  2. Material and application of round blade


    In the mechanical blade industry, the round blade has a wide range of uses, and there are different names in various industries. For example, the round blade, the round knife, the ro...

  3. Standardization is the key to the development of equipment manufacturing


    "The style is natural and the standard is not fake". As a scale and criterion, standards are of great significance to the healthy development of the industry. The past prac...

  4. What should be done before buying props


    Whatever tool you choose, you must know:What is the material to be processed? What machine is used for machining? Finish machining or rough machining? Is there any drawing requiremen...

  5. Slitting cutter series


    Slitting bladeWith the rapid development of iron and steel industry, the precision of metal plate cutting is required more and more, as a sheet metal processing enterprise. If we can...

  6. Machining requires high cutting tools and reduces pollution


    Machining has high requirements for cutting tools, and pollution should be reduced at the same time.About 70% of the premature failure of various mechanical and electrical products i...

  7. Low price cutter sellers cut their own way


    Low price competition has become a vicious circle in the machinery industry. In a sound of shouting, it still becomes a stumbling block for the industry sales. The author of this art...

  8. How to maintain the blade of Slitter


    Whether you are using imported or domestic Slitter blades, if you don't pay attention to the correct application method and maintenance of blades in use, the service life of blad...

  9. Points for attention of cutting round blade for prolonging its service life


    For many people, when it comes to the round blade of the slitter, they can basically grasp some specific operations of its use quickly, but how to protect the machine itself as much ...

  10. General classification and introduction of blades


    1. Toothed bladeThe toothed blade is made of good materials. It is sharp, durable and rust proof. It has the advantages of no burr cutting, long service life, good production efficie...

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